Photography Courses

As an experienced professional photographer, Andrew Sharpe Photography offers excellent half day(4hour) or full day(8hour) private one-on-one landscape photography courses. Primarily targeted to suit beginners and amateurs in both digital and analog shooting, these courses will teach you the fundamentals in which Andrew Sharpe uses to capture and process images. From planning the shoot before it happens and the tools used to do it, right down to printing a final image, you will have a full arsenal of techniques at the end of your course to start producing amazing work.

Half Day Courses can be either 4 hours of shooting or 4 hours of post-processing. A full day course consists of either 8 hours of shooting or a combination of shooting and post processing courses. The subjects of what’s in each package are as follows:

Half Day(4hour) Shooting Course: $399

-Planning (Location and weather research)
-Exposure Basics (Shutter/Aperture/ISO)
-Focusing (manual/auto focus and live view focusing)
-Depth Of Field and what it means for your photo
-Different filter types and how to balance the light with them
-Long Exposure
-Shooting to create Panoramic Images
-Film basics (Film stocks, speeds, metering for analog cameras)
-How to work with light

Half Day(4hour) Post Processing Course: $399

-Importing and file management
-Stitching digital panoramic images
-Photoshop basics (masking, adjustment layers, different tools, resizing)
-Film Scanning (For anyone who is interested in learning film workflow)
-Optimising images for printing and web
-Recommended software and tools

Full Day Photography Course: $699

-Combination of both of the above courses
-Sunrise shoot in predetermined location
-Lunch provided


In addition to providing the above skills and information on the day, you can also enquire about any specific topics you would like to have covered. A course booklet will be provided with the information you will be learning on the day. We want you to finish your day feeling like you got all the information you were looking for, plus more!

What is needed on the day? An SLR camera (either film or digital), a sturdy tripod, memory card and any filters or extras you have. Also, don’t forget your desire to learn!
If the booking is for a film course, you will be required to supply your own film stock. We will have film stock available, however the specific types will be subject to availability. Contact us prior for an updated price list of stocks.

Prices are based on courses being completed in Melbourne Metro area.

To enquire about these courses, get in touch via the CONTACT US page!